Setting Off on a New Blogging Adventure–Join Me!

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Cherries: bright + shiny + colorful = suitable fare for a blog about chasing BSOz

Hello! Welcome to Chasing Bright Shiny Objects, a spot in the blogging universe where I can write about things that attract my attention be they animal, mineral, vegetable, or possibly edible. BTW: Chances are I’m not going to blog about astronomical matters as you might think by the title, although I may indulge if I fulfill my Milky-Way-gazing fantasy.

Baccarat Squirrel

A true BSO (bright shiny object)–a Baccarat crystal squirrel, sadly not mine, rather from a friend’s collection.

My blogging provenance is thus: I am a co-founder of the collaborative blog See How We Sew. After four years of writing about crafting and sewing matters, it is time for me to explore a wider of world of wonderful things, which is really a saner, and more affordable, way to satisfy my love for bright shiny objects.

I give you a head’s up, though; my sense of bright and shiny is broad. Colorful could easily slide in as well as interesting or absorbing, as in a compelling read. As for objects . . . there are infinite possibilities.

An easy way to keep track of new posts at Chasing Bright Shiny Objects is to click the Follow button in the sidebar. The posting frequency is yet to be determined, but it won’t be daily–after all, I’ve got cool things to track down!

My Twist on Shopping for BSOz

Just for today, cuz it’s an inaugural day at Chasing BSOz and I’m celebrating with frothy blogging fare, take a look at a recent “Wish List” I collected on my smartphone. I was out shopping for Christmas gifts and, so I would not distract myself, I collected photo reminders for later perusal. Mind you, my strategy is kind of like a tortuous diet plan which involves photographing delicious food without eating any of it.

From Anthropologie in Scottsdale, Arizona–and why did my local store not stock these wonders, I ask? Rather than succumb to the lure of the pillow, I confess I bought a pair of plates with the deer motif–not quite as satisfying, but perfect for gift giving. There are some lovely ideas here to be harvested like the scattered embroidery details and the “big stitch” quilting in the chair upholstery.

Screen shot 2015-01-21 at 8.54.35 PMAs it turns out, I already own a clear version of this rather fabulous pitcher purchased years ago at Crate & Barrel, but this gorgeous teal pitcher called to me with its bubbly glass, plus I’m fond of inky blue-greens right now.

Screen shot 2015-01-21 at 8.55.01 PMFrom Maison d’Etre in Oakland, California:  Ah, hand-hewn kitchenware and ceramics . . . these serving pieces exemplify a NorCal approach to dining aesthetics:  natural materials and artisan made. Gotta love the aqua-azure glaze on the bowls.

Screen shot 2015-01-21 at 8.56.07 PMThe store also stocks stellar table linens. This line of napkins and table cloths called to another aesthetic touch point for me: prismatic patterns. Mind you, I’d need a small bank loan in order acquire sufficient quantities of these items for easy entertaining, but I’m not averse to owning one bowl + one napkin just because they are so pretty. Breathe Jennifer, you photograph, you don’t succumb! Or better, you make something like a quilt with these appealing colors.

Screen shot 2015-01-21 at 8.55.54 PMWhat takes you from admiring something pretty to acquisition? Are you using new technologies and online resources like Pinterest and Houzz to stockpile your BSOz? Isn’t amazing how we can warehouse an abundance of ideas and inspiration, kind of like misers with hoards of treasure? What do we actually do with the wealth of ideas? Lots of rhetorical questions there; share your thoughts in Comments.

Until next time, I’d just like to say thank you for stopping by Chasing Bright Shiny Objects on launch day!

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24 responses to “Setting Off on a New Blogging Adventure–Join Me!

  1. Linda Stone

    Good luck on your new endeavor. Sometimes we just need some pretty “bright and shiny objects to look at and admire . . . we already have enough to do . . . however, I foresee lots of inspiration along the way.


  2. Nice first post Jennifer! Also love what you did, keep it simple, nice typeface combination. 🙂 Good Job!


  3. Darra Williamson

    I’m excited for you, Jennifer, and look forward to following you! Hugs, Darra


  4. Andrea

    Here’s to your new blog, Jennifer! I’ll be an ardent follower in the delight of your observations and, as importantly, the writing! This is a perfect marriage of your talents.


  5. Hannah Graves

    Beautiful start to the blog! I can’t wait to see more.

    I use Pinterest to flesh out certain themes I’m interested in (like mixing floral and graphic prints) but also to keep track of specific items I know I will buy. I do get in trouble for “Pinteresting” too much.


    • Jennifer

      Hello Hannah, I actually think I need a Pinterest primer from you–too many identities and I want to consolidate them. Can I do that? I’ll see what I can find mixing floral and graphics for your enjoyment.


  6. Kim

    Congratulations on your new path! I look forward to seeing what inspires your creativity.


    • Jennifer

      Hola Kim–We need to go on a BSOz hunt in some of our fave locales like Emeryville. I will need inspirational fodder for the blog.


  7. Nancy

    Thank you for the vicarious shopping tour……loved it. I will follow you in search of bso’s as you continue to inspire me to be creative every day.


  8. CONGRATS on your newest blog- what fun!
    I used to be a premium looker at objects, and purchaser to a certain extent, but now, I find my interest isn’t there- I can admire, but i don’t need to own- anything. Downsizing, moving a few times, I think these things have changed my focus.
    Have fun writing! I miss it. Hope to see you soon!


    • Jennifer

      Hello Tricia, I’m so happy you stopped by–I’ve done some of my most fun BSOz searches with you. Fun to look, but not acquire as much–I agree. Can’t wait to see you.


  9. eleanor m

    Congrats on your new endeavor. My only problem will be that you are putting on items like that wonderful pillow which makes me want to change my entire house with those colors. Guess I will have to keep adding to my piggy bank as I continue reading what your new additions will be.


  10. Elizabeth Bolton

    Hi, Jennifer! Love what you’re showing here in your inaugural post – I love those azure-aqua bowls and the tea towels – so gorgeous. I’ve signed up to receive email notices and look forward to your next posts. I’m in “down-sizing” mode myself, so very selectively get new BSOs. Looking is still soooo satisfying!



    • Jennifer

      Hey Liz, thanks for joining the party. Hope I find more fabulous things and ideas for your enjoyment. I too am super picky about my choices these days.


  11. Pat Scott

    Hi Jennifer, Good luck with the blog. I look forward to going on your journeys for bright shiny objects.

    Your Sister


  12. Yowza–I actually sprung for that reindeer pillow at Anthropologie because it worked so perfectly with my new house. Kitschy cool. Love it!


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