Caught Up in St. Valentine’s Day

Newbie blogging soloist here–I must confess I goofed when I published my second BSOz post last week and few, if any, of you received a WordPress notice. If you’d like to catch up, scroll past this Valentine’s edition to read a sunshiny post from me.

Rain-kissed rose

Back to the  of the matter:  St. Valentine’s Day! 

See, here’s the thing about Valentine’s Day for me:  I enjoy romance–especially movies, novels, songs, etc. that end optimistically with kisses and embraces. February 14 just makes me happy because it’s romantic. I don’t care if it’s a “Hallmark” holiday for my guys, it’s pink, red, white, flowery, and maybe even chocolaty. Perhaps I favor holidays with reddish color schemes? Does it matter? No. St. V’s Day is an opportunity for an expression of regard to anyone. Romance is not a requirement of a valentine, friendship is as legitimate a reason to bestow a valentine as any.

For you, dear readers, I’ve got a photo series of heart pillows that I made as gifts for friends. One of my favorite things to do is to make an embellished silk heart pillow and hang it on a bedroom doorknob as a welcome gift for a houseguest.

Lime valentne


Pink valentine


Red valentine

A Free Valentine Pattern

Back the early days at See How We Sew, I designed an offbeat piratical valentine and wrote up the pattern to share with our readers. I’ve dropped those instructions into the Projects page here at BSOz just in case you’ve got the urge to sew up some hearty pillows  of  your own. Go for the Jolly Roger theme or use the instructions to riff on something that touches your sense of romance.

Pirate valentine

Here’s hoping for kisses from romantic rogues–why not?!!?

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10 responses to “Caught Up in St. Valentine’s Day

  1. Laurian

    Lovely heart display, enchanting gift for a friend !!
    I am off to my local fabric store to find silk to make one myself…haha !!


    • Jennifer

      Ha-ha indeed, dear sister Laurie! Find me some pretty silks and I’ll make you a few. We can probably raid your wired silk ribbon collection as well.


  2. Ssgirl

    Beautiful hearts, love the colors, tried to find your pattern but the link does not work, just goes back to the post….


  3. Ginny

    I was lucky enough to be a houseguest and I have the pink one. We’re having some friends over on Saturday and I’m going to hang it on the china cabinet. So happy that you have this new blog.


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