Other People’s Flowers: A Springtime Photo Essay

It’s been a while since I’ve added to my posts and I thought I’d give you a visual essay today just because it’s a beautiful day and I want to share it with you.

News sources are replete with stories about our drought issue here in California. It’s indeed challenging and requires long-term solutions, but when we do get rainfall as we did yesterday, it’s so easy to forget how much water we need when we are gifted with a shower of water.

There’s no late afternoon adventure I love more than chasing flower photo ops in my neighbors’ yards after the clouds have lifted and the raindrops catch the light of a brightening sky. Just before sunset is the perfect moment.

Other People's Flowers

Droplets gather on an unfurling petal of a rosebud. We need to catch and save every drop!

Other People's Flowers

Love, love, love the many wonderful colors found in roses.

Other People's Flowers

My favorite neighborhood rose bush–if only my neighbor knew how many of my floral photos include her exquisite blossoms.  Don’t you just love the first blooms of the season?

Other People's Flowers

It’s difficult to mess up a straightforward rose portrait, I think the challenge is finding a new perspective on a blooming flower.

Other People's Flowers

This is actually from my yard: raindrops on a Purple Smoke Bush. The leaves looked like they were bedecked with crystals.

Other People's Flowers

May the sun shine on you today!

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6 responses to “Other People’s Flowers: A Springtime Photo Essay

  1. Polly

    What wonderful photos! You are a gifted photographer indeed. I wish I could capture colors like these in my quilts!


    • Jennifer

      Thank you Polly! I agree, wouldn’t it be wonderful to capture these colors in quilts? I think that’s why I love to look flowers. The colors are wonderful to start with and then you have the mixes of flower and then the greenery and background colors. Natural palettes!


  2. Sheryl

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures! I agree, the rain drops are refreshing. Thank you for sharing


  3. Magnificent. I love your photos. The smoke bush pictures are especially wonderful.


    • Jennifer

      Hey Karen, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Is Spring a-happening where you are? Things are sprouting everywhere and it’s fantastic (other than seasonal allergy symptoms). Our smoke bush has a very peculiar growth habit, but we live with it because its foliage is so wonderful. Hope to see you here or there very soon.


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