Tempted by the Fruit of Another . . . Quilt Pattern Designer Carrie Payne + A Giveaway

Now how can I possibly connect the pirated lyrics of a 1980’s era British band* to a quilt-themed blog post? Where there is a will, most certainly there is a way. Check out these charming patterns from designer Carrie Payne and let me explain.

Patterns of Carrie Payne @ believemagic.com

Carrie Payne patterns displayed at Scottsdale Quilts in Scottsdale, AZ.

Just one look . . . yes, another stolen lyric . . . and I was seduced. I’m not typically drawn to figurative patterns, but there is something so charming about Carrie Payne’s style that I couldn’t resist. Luckily, my eldest son was about to throw a surprise engagement party, which gave me the perfect excuse to make a gift for his fiance. See that bride on the blue background above? That’s my launching point.

Scottsdale Quilts owner Evan Duke got me totally committed to the project when she told me how popular the little quilt has been as an engagement/bridal shower gift, especially when family and friends contribute charms for the bride’s tiered skirt. Perfect! What a cool way to bring together two families who’ve never met and celebrate the engagement. It also helped that Evan the shopkeeper has a weakness for vintage lace and pretty doodads to add to the project supplies–check out that lace snippet below.

Test 1 of Hannah's bride

First draft of my bride on a composed background from a digital print.

I took a look at Carrie Payne’s website Believe Magic before I started the project and was transported by the diversity and wealth of her ideas. She has an aesthetic that’s easy and fun to tweak. That design-on-the-fly approach is reflected in her pattern which comes with multiple hairstyles, bodices, and sizes. I opted for the side bun and the V-neck bodice as I knew my son’s fiance’s taste in hairstyles and I also knew she wasn’t one for strapless fashions.

Test Hannah's bride

Next draft: more festive with the batik floral, but my son asked me to reorder their initials to something less like a famous Swedish clothing outlet.

I didn’t get my son too involved in the project, but I did get feedback about the monogramming–he banned the H&M draft as ridiculous, even though I figured the bride should get top billing in this era of female empowerment. Oh well, M&H it would be.

Detail of Hannah's bride

Charms from my mother and sisters as well as local friends.

If you’ve followed my adventures on my past blog See How We Sew, you’ll know I’ve a fondness for bead shops and embellishments. I must admit, that’s probably another motivator for this engagement gift, but beyond the glitz and sparkle, it’s emotionally uplifting to collect charms from the women important to the bride-to-be. I even teared up as I stitched them in place!

The finished engagement quilt with embellished with charms from women on both sides of the family.

The finished engagement quilt with embellishments from family on both sides as well as friends.

One item to mention is that I followed Darra Williamson’s approach to making postcard quilts when I assembled my little quilt. Carrie uses the classic quilt sandwich and binds the edges, whereas in Darra’s scheme, the quilt top, batting and backing are fused together and the slightly longer/wider edges of the quilt top are folded over to the backing and stitched in place. It was quicker and easier for me to take that road and I like the end result.

Giveaway Details!

Carrie is generously donating several patterns for you to enjoy. I’ll be doing a coordinated post here and at See How We Sew to spread the word to crafters and sewists.

Leave your comment here at Chasing Bright Shiny Objects by Monday, November 14,  to be entered for the giveaway. Here’s your challenge:  Please give me quick Do or Don’t advice for my future as a mother-in-law. I suspect “Say nothing” will be the most common suggestion!

Narrowed signature*Tempted by the Fruit of Another by Squeeze.



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30 responses to “Tempted by the Fruit of Another . . . Quilt Pattern Designer Carrie Payne + A Giveaway

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  2. Leigh

    Do love her as much as you love your son.


  3. Rosemary

    OMG! I wish I had this a month ago when I gave a bridal shower for my nephew’s fiance. Does Carey have any patterns for the “Mom-to-be?” as my daughter is expecting in May 2017.


  4. Do love your daughter-in-law, Don’t take sides.


  5. Sally MB

    Thanks for sharing these great ideas and quilts. Looking at the first picture of Carrie’s patterns was a trip through memories and made me smile.


  6. Patricia

    Awesome designer, have to have one or more of her patterns.
    As a Mother-in-law remember, You did not lose a daughter but gain a Son!
    Thanks for the give away


  7. I love Carrie’s work! Her little quilts are delightful! Good luck on becoming a MIL! Treat your new daughter in law as you would want to be treated and everything will go well!


  8. Ruth

    Love the idea of an engagement quilt.


  9. Dee

    Looks like a great pattern! As far as being a mother-in-law…only give advice when asked for it…..otherwise say”that’s a good idea!”


  10. Marilyn

    L love the two quilts you made. They would be perfect for my two nephews getting married next year.
    Best thing is to be supportive. But don’t take sides.


  11. goonyburd

    Don’t judge, especially when grandkids come along! LOL!
    Hope you have a good relationship – but don’t push.


  12. Tac73

    I have 2 lovely daughter-in-laws who are very different from each other. I try not to give any unsolilicted advice.


  13. may choose to give advice when it appears wanted or needed but don’t have your feeling hurt when it is not heeded as it is their life and choice.
    Great ideas for bridal shower.


  14. Carol Barringer

    Mothers-in-law can be intimidating, so be as low-key as you can manage to be. Find little ways to connect woman-to-woman. (This gift is a great way to connect!) My mother-in-law helped me learn to sew, back in the day. I was both terrified and grateful.
    And Congratulations! Becoming a MIL is a milestone event! But never ask when they are going to have kids and make you a Grandma.


    • Jennifer

      How wonderful is that–maybe I can pass on a few sewing tips. My DIL-to-be is very creative and does crafts. Sewing is a small step . . .


  15. Susan leblang

    Very funny, as a MIL with 3 dil’s plus one ex-dil, I would add SMILE to the
    And Say nothing.
    So intrigued by this idea, that it just might be the boost to get me creating
    Would love to win…. I would SMILE and say thank you very much!


  16. Kathy E.

    Carrie’s work is the best, isn’t it? I love her style and creative mind and have purchased a few of her patterns. Your bride is exquisite and will be treasured always by your DIL! My onw MIL never did accept me into the family and spared no expense to show it. My best advice is to openly love her, respect her and include her in every aspect of your family’s events. The rest will come easily!


  17. Frances Quigley

    ASK if you can help. Don’t just assume you are needed especially when children start coming.


    • Jennifer

      Clearly, the bottom line is to exercise discretion. It is sooo tempting to share hard-won advice, but the downside is the taint of being interfering. Okay, smile, be loving, and say nothing.


  18. buntyw

    I love Carrie’s work!!
    I’m not a ‘mother-in-law’ yet but I wish my own MIL had heeded advice not to interfere!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Sandy

    The engagement quilt reminds me of the vintage framed Ribbon Lady picture that has hung on a wall in my house for years and years!


  20. Beth T.

    One of the things I appreciate most is when the effort is made to bring both sides of the family together, so–ask about her family. Take an interest in her parents, siblings, etc. They’ll be family to your grandkids. Honest affection all around is an incredible gift to the next generation. As a kid I saw that, and thought it was the norm. As an adult, I appreciate it when my in-laws demonstrate it, and know how lucky I am.


  21. Kathy

    I love Believe Magic designs also . MIL advice ? I only have son in laws , just treat her like you would like to be treated


  22. usairdoll

    What an amazing gift! WoW!
    My advice is to not give advice or suggestions until asked. Good Luck!



  23. What a beautiful gift that will be a forever treasure. Those charms on the skirt are precious.
    From the very beginning, my MIL invited me to call her by her first name, mom, mother, Mrs. D, or even a nick-name, and she would honor whatever I chose. “Mom” was so fitting and perfect. I never referred to or introduced her as MIL, she’s always been our “Mom”. My husband was deeply touched at my choice.


    • Jennifer

      Hello Readers,

      Happy big, beautiful, full moon! Here are the winners of the Carrie Payne giveaway: Tac73, Frances Quigley, and Sandy. Congratulations!!! I’ll be in touch.



  24. Evan Duke

    Jennifer! Thanks for the shout out about Scottsdale Quilts. Hope to see you soon! Evan


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