bio photoHello!  I’m Jennifer and sometimes I get a little obsessed about BSOz (that would be bright . . . shiny . . . objects). The best therapy for me–i.e. channeling my rampant enthusiasm–is to make, share, or write about said BSOz. With Chasing Bright Shiny Objects I might actually be tackling those alternatives simultaneously. As my lovely father is wont to say, “Now you’re cooking with gas!”in tribute to my efficient thinking. (Hey, he’s in his nineties–he can get away with cliches.)

My writing life began in high school when I found myself appointed the beat reporter for my Catholic girls’ school at the local newspaper. Sadly, I earned no Pulitzer Prizes for covering the annual Christmas pageant, but I did gain confidence as my English teacher/editor deployed her red pencil less and less as my writing stint progressed. Turns out writing is my career currency, sometimes in-house for publicity roles and other times, as a freelance feature writer. Stepping into the blogosphere almost five years ago with the launch of the collective blog See How We Sew gave me the chance to write in my own voice. With Chasing Bright Shiny Objects I am going solo!

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4 responses to “About

  1. Margie Connors

    Congrats Jennifer on going solo! I, too, love BSOz so I look forward to reading about the treasures you find!


    • Jennifer

      Hello Margie! Hey, if you’ve got some cool ideas, send them my way. I’ve got a West Coast slant going on here and I could do with an infusion of inspiration from other locales. Please! See ya soon.


  2. Carol Barringer

    I wasn’t so sure about this — I’m NOT a BSOz-type person, but I enjoyed your contributions to See How We Sew more than any of the others; I could tell at first glance if it was a “J” post or not! And I am a fan of the Hearts quilt you and your group made for Kim Butterworth; I’ve made it in miniature, and have one in progress now whose origin was the same but is turning out to be very different. This is also a group effort with my quilting group for a member undergoing chemo. I am always inspired by your photography, too. So I was sad that you left SHWS, but I love your take on life — so here I am, a non-BSOz-type following BSOz.


    • Jennifer

      Thank you Carol, I am honored! You’ve been a very loyal SHWS reader and I hope I can deliver posts that continue to tickle your fancy. I’m not abandoning quilting topics, simply expanding my view. I love that Heart quilt as well and I’ve come to appreciate how much the making other versions becomes a sort of therapy. My hope is that the making and thinking imbues the quilt with a healing spirit. Do share, I’d love to see your variations, especially the one that is evolving with its own style.


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