Architecture & Design

Diablo magazine, February 2009

Out of the Box for Diablo Magazine

Design for Living, Spring 2008

Metro Lighting’s Retro Riffs

Design for Living, Fall 2007

An Embraceable View for Design for Living

Design for Living, Spring 2007

Art Monumental from Design for Living

Design for Living, Fall 2006

Jay Jeffers for Design for Living

Design for Living, Spring 2006

Blue Barn for Design for Living

Ghost Writing

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Driving on the Edge of Failure

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It’s About Time: The Reality of Virtual Accident Reconstruction

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Trucking Accident Investigations

Property/Casualty 360°,  May 2015

Tire Safety- 3 Critical Failures to Avoid

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Robots Take the Wheel

Claims Management, March 2014

The Connected Car: Emerging Auto Technology Has Your Back – and Your Front and Your Steering Wheel